Make and Do, Childcraft - The How and Why Library

Make and Do, Childcraft - The How and Why Library

Judul/Title: Make and Do
Penulis/Author: Childcraft - The How and Why Library
Penerbit/Publisher: World Book Childcraft
Edisi/Edition: 1980
Halaman/Pages: 336
Bahasa/Language: English/Inggris
Kategori/Category: Dijual/For Sale
Harga/Price: Call
Status: Ada/Available


Make and Do and You

An Adventure is an exciting happening! And that's what Make and Do is all about-an adventure into the world of arts and crafts, a world in which you can make exciting things happen.
Here, you'll find all kinds of wonderful things to make and do. There are easy projects to start with and more difficult ones to make once you've had some practice. And there are projects you can make with your mom and dad or a grown-up friend.
Most of the sections in this book begin with a few pages of "Helpful hints". There you'll find out about the basic skills or materials you will need to make the projects in the section. If you haven't mastered the special skills needed, here's a chance to learn them.
Before you begin a project, read all the directions and gather all of the materials you will need. Try to picture what you have to do in each step. Then follow the easy, step-by step directions.
Be careful with all tools, especially sharp or pointed ones. When the directions tell you ask for help, don't be afraid to ask a grown-up to give you a hand.
Many of the sections end with two pages of "more ideas"-where you are on your own. If you have made most of the projects in the section, you'll find it fun to make some of these other projects. And the more you make and do, the more ideas you will think of for projects of your own.
So, look through this book and see all of the adventures that are waiting for you!

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